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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to our most frequently asked questions...
I’m 15 years old, when can I apply for my first licence?
You can apply for your first UK provisional driving licence no earlier than 60 days prior to your 16th birthday. If you do receive your licence during that period, then you will only be able to start to learn to ride once you are 16. If you have a full UK Car Driving Licence, the Motorcycle Provisional entitlement is automatically included, there is no need to order a separate provisional licence.
What is CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)?
It is a one-day training course, which will allow you to ride up to a 50cc (Aged 16) and a 125cc (If you are aged 17 and above) with L plates for 2 years. You must have a valid UK provisional/full driving licence to conduct a CBT.
Is there any preparation for the CBT?
There are two things that can prepare you for the CBT: It is easier to learn balance on a bicycle (You must be able to ride a bicycle before you attend your CBT), and to learn the highway code.
Do I need a theory test to complete a CBT?
NO. It is your responsibility to show the instructor that you have a good knowledge of the UK highway code. If you do not know the highway code, then you will not be safe on the road – you will need to return for more training, this will be chargeable.
What should I wear?
You will need a helmet, motorcycle gloves, sturdy jacket, preferably boots (Timberlands or similar) and waterproofs. The thickest pair of jeans with no rips. If the weather is cold, please bring plenty of warm clothes. If you arrive wearing inappropriate clothing i.e. joggers, shorts, flimsy footwear, then you will not be able to conduct your training and forfeit your fee.
Eyesight test
You will need to be able to read a standard UK number plate from 20 metres away. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses for this, you will need to wear them for the duration of your CBT. If your licence states that you need to wear glasses (Code 01) you will need to wear glasses.
What do I need to tell you before my course starts?
You will need to tell us of any medical conditions that we should be aware of, so we can make any necessary arrangements or reasonable adjustments. Please inform us if you are on any medication which may affect you when you are riding. The same applies to any disabilities.
What happens if I am late?
CBT’s/Courses must start on time. If you arrive late to your CBT, then you will not be able to conduct your CBT and you will forfeit your fee. The DVSA stipulate that you must complete all elements of the CBT. It is also unfair on the other students that have arrived on time.
Can I fail the CBT?
NO, it is not a pass/fail course – It is training, NOT a test. In most cases it takes a day, but some students may need more than one day to reach the required standard – This would be chargeable.
If I drop and damage the bike which has been allocated to me for my CBT and it cannot be ridden, do I get a replacement one?
It is one bike per person per CBT course, if you damage the bike to the point that it cannot be ridden, you will need to return to complete the CBT – This is chargeable and the damage to the bike will be chargeable.
If I take a CBT on an automatic bike and I am over 17yrs, can I ride a manual on the road?
At present, yes you can, whichever bike you take your CBT on, you can still ride an automatic or manual bike on the road, although we strongly advise you to have training on a manual bike, if you have never ridden a manual bike before.
If I am 16yrs and took a CBT on an automatic bike, do I have to come back at 17 to be able to ride a 125cc bike?
NO, you can automatically go up to a 125cc on or after your 17th birthday. You can also ride a manual bike at 17, even if you took your CBT on an automatic bike, and you do not have to come back for training for gears, although we strongly advise you to come back and learn how to ride a manual bike properly.
I have done my CBT before and I am just renewing it, do I need to do the whole CBT again?
YES, you will need to re-take the whole CBT.
On the back of my photo card licence it says A with 79(3) – Do I have a motorcycle licence already?
NO, this means that you can ride a trike on your full car licence.
Will you accept pictures of a CBT Certificate, Theory Certificate or Driving Licence?
NO. You must bring the original; nothing else is acceptable.
What training will I get for the Module 1 Test?
We have our own off-road training area where you can practice all the Module 1 Test manoeuvres. We set up the cones to emulate the test layout. We use speed measuring equipment to help you achieve the required minimum speeds for the emergency stop and avoidance. When you arrive for your test, you will know exactly what to expect, as a result we have a high pass rate for Module 1.
I have taken a Restricted Licence, what do I have to do after the 2 years to be able to ride a more powerful motorcycle?
You must re-take your Module 1 and 2 motorcycle tests again, but on a larger motorcycle of at least 595cc, this is called progressive access.
Can I take my A Licence (Direct Access Scheme) on an automatic motorcycle?
YES, but we only have manual bikes, you will need to purchase your own bike and insurance, and then we can conduct the training on your own bike.