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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to our most frequently asked questions...
What licence do I need to take a motorcycle training course?
To take part in any motorcycle training course, you need to hold a UK Provisional Driving licence. If you don't yet have a driving licence of any kind, this can be ordered here. If you have a full UK Car Driving Licence, the Motorcycle Provisional entitlement is automatically included, there is no need to order a separate provisional licence.
Do I need to take a Theory Test?
You will need to have passed the motorcycle theory, before conducting your Module 1 and 2 Tests. If you have a Car/HGV Theory test, sadly this is not transferrable, and you must sit the Motorcycle specific test. This is valid for 2 years; if you do not pass your motorcycle licence tests during this time, you will be required to re-sit the Theory test. This can be booked online here. If taking a CBT course, this is not required.
What is CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)?
Compulsory Basic Training (C.B.T.) is the start of any motorcycle training journey. This introductory course covers the basic theory and practical elements to riding a motorcycle. It’s important to note that it is not a test, however you must meet the required standards set by the DVSA in order to achieve your CBT/DL196 certificate. You can see more details about our CBT course here.
What is the minimum age to ride a Moped/Motorcycle?
The minimum age to ride a moped is 16, to ride up to a 50cc. Aged 17 for a motorcycle up to 125cc.
If I already drive a Car, will I need to retake my Theory Test?
Yes you will. There is a specific motorcycle theory test, where a number of the questions relate directly to using a motorcycle on the road. You would need to take this test before you can take your motorcycle test but not for your CBT.
Will my CBT expire?
A CBT certificate lasts two years from date of issue. You will either need to retake your CBT or undertake further training and gain a full licence before it expires.